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Department of Surgery Chief Residents Oral History Interviews, 2018-2022

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The Department of Surgery's Chief Resident Interview Project began in 2018. The interviews are conducted with Department of Surgery's Chief Residents each year as a way to document the department's Chief Residents. Interviewees discuss their family background, educational background, and experiences at Duke. Materials date from 2018 to 2022.
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2018 Interviews, 2018

Occupational and Environmental Safety Office, Administration Records, 1992-2002

Abstract Or Scope
The Occupational and Environmental Safety Office at Duke University ensures that Duke's patient care, research, and teaching environments are in accord with all regulatory requirements, relevant community standards, and institutional resources.

Huntington F. Willard Papers and Records, 1975-2013

Abstract Or Scope
Contains records of the laboratory work and files of Huntington F. Willard, first director of the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy at Duke University, vice Chancellor for Genome Sciences and professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.
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A2004-075: Laboratory Notebooks, 1975-2005

David B. Larson Papers, 1975-2002

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the papers of David B. Larson (1947-2002), psychiatrist and principal founder of National Institute for Healthcare Research. Types of materials include clippings, date books, manuscripts, research notes, course notes, articles, conference notes, presentations, correspondence, CVs, subject files, photographs, research files, and reports. Materials range in date from 1975 to 2002, with the bulk of the material being undated.
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Accession A2003.069, 1975-2000

Occupational and Environmental Safety Office. Biological Safety Division Records, 1979-2003

Abstract Or Scope
The Biological Safety Division of the Occupational and Environmental Safety Office at Duke University addresses employee safety, training, policies, and other concerns regarding occupational exposure to biological agents such as bloodborne pathogens and tuberculosis. Collection includes bulletins, reports, committee materials, exposure management plans, and correspondence. Major subjects include occupational and environmental health, research regulations, and tuberculosis exposure management. Materials range in date from 1979 to 2003.
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Accession A2003.083: Records, 1979-2002

William J. Donelan Records, 1963-2007

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the administrative records of the office of William J. Donelan, former Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs of the Duke University Health System. Types of materials include correspondence, budgets, reports, society and professional organization materials, surveys, committee materials, newspaper clippings, and appointment, promotion and tenure materials.
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Accession A2004.001: Records, Fiscal Year 2000-2001, 1970-2004 [10 boxes]

City of Medicine, USA Collection, 1980-2003

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the historical records of the City of Medicine, a public relations and community outreach health organization based in Durham, North Carolina. Types of materials include scrapbooks, clippings, publications, reports, speeches, textiles, videotapes, photographs and memorabilia. Major subjects include Durham, North Carolina, public relations, and Duke University. Materials range in date from 1980 to 2003.
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Accession A2004.003, 1980-2003

Medical Center Engineering and Operations Records, 1927-1996

Abstract Or Scope
Contains specifications and construction documents used to guide planning and construction of buildings of the Duke University Medical Center. Building plans and site plans were created by or retained by Duke University Medical Center, Engineering and Operations department. Major subjects in this collection include history of Duke University Medical Center buildings and Duke Hospital. Materials range in date from 1927 to 1996.
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Accession A2004.026: Specifications Books, 1930-1994

Frank A. Sloan Papers, 1933-2017

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the research materials of Frank A. Sloan, J. Alexander McMahon Professor of Health Policy and Management and professor of economics at Duke University. Types of materials include reprints, manuals, survey instruments, raw data, manuscript materials, notes, questionnaires, course materials, reports, court files, surveys, research, manuals, and computer disks. Major subjects include alcohol abuse, alcoholic intoxication, insurance liability, malpractice, Medicaid, long-term care, and retirement communities. Materials range in date from 1933 to 2017.
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Accession A2004.053, 1981-2002 10 boxes

Blaine Nashold Papers, 1953-2003

Abstract Or Scope
Contains professional files of Blaine S. Nashold (1923-2014), professor emeritus of the Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery at Duke University Medical Center. Types of materials include manuscript materials, reprints, photographic prints, slides, and negatives, patient records, consultation correspondence, a 3-dimensional model; lecture notes, travel notes, and professional organization files. Major subjects include Duke University faculty, the Department of Surgery, neurosurgery, stereotaxic techniques and instrumentation. Materials range in date from 1953 to 2003.
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Accession A2005.007, 1967-2000

Patient records, undated