Interview, November 28, 2005

Duke University. Medical Center. Archives.
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Dr. Saltzman speaks about his background; his education; interactions with Dr. Eugene Stead; coming to Duke Medical Center; his impressions of Dr. Eugene Stead; drenching the tissues of the body with oxygen; the history of hyperbarics; Dr. Ivan Brown; Dr. Ward Smith; Dr. Herb Seiker; his own directorship of Duke hyperbaric program; new facilities in the Duke hyperbaric chamber, beginning in the 1960s; Navy diving tests in the wet hyperbaric chamber; treating patients in the hyperbaric chamber; extending the experimental diving portion of hyperbaric chambers; studying gas exchange; Dr. Peter Bennett; Dr. Claude Piantadosi; various functions of the Duke hyperbaric facilities; the lessened relationship with the Navy since initial experiments; funding for the hyperbaric chamber; the addition of a conference room; his own experimentation in diagnosing pulmonary embolism involving blood clots; the relationship of the hyperbaric facility with Duke's Department of Anesthesiology; Dr. Merel Harmel; relationships with other Duke departments; how the fields of hyperbarics and anesthesiology are similar; experiments testing liquid breathing; the location of the old facility; the growth of the program; F.G. Hall; other facilities beyond Duke; the Duke facility's uniqueness; people who have been important in the history of the Duke facility; the development of the Duke hood; and his own interest in his work.


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