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Wiley D. Forbus Records, 1849-1979

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Contains the professional records of Dr. Wiley Davis Forbus (1894-1976), MD, professor and chair of the Department of Pathology at Duke University from 1930 to 1964; Area Consultant in Pathology for the Veterans Administration from 1948 through the 1960s; "chief mover" (Baker, 1959) of the North Carolina Medical Examiner's System; and Medical Education Consultant in Europe and the "Far East" from 1953 to the 1960s. Major subjects include the Department of Pathology, the Duke University School of Medicine, nursing and medical education, autopsies, the early history of Duke University, the Veterans Administration, Duke Pathological Services, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, medical education in the "Far East" in the 1950s and early 1960s, race relations in North Carolina, small hospitals in North Carolina, Medico-Legal concepts and practices, history of medicine in North Carolina, and early Hodgkin's disease research. These records include but are not limited to abstracts, accounts, annual reports, budgets, committee files, correspondence, course outlines, curriculum, curriculum vitae, lectures, manuscripts, memoranda, minutes, monographs, photographs, plans, proceedings, programs, protocols, publications, recommendations, reports, and schedules. An effort was made to cross reference when possible and list the contents and major topics within each folder on the folder tab for easy use. Materials date from 1849 to 1979 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1923 to 1979.

Ruby Leila Wilson Papers, 1930-2008

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Contains the professional papers of Ruby Leila Wilson (1931-), professor and dean of the Duke University School of Nursing. Types of materials include correspondence, subject files, reports, evaluations, manuals, designs, buildings plans, budgets, speeches, applications, course materials, conference materials, photographs, minutes, notes, programs, AV materials, and academic regalia. Major subjects include Duke University School of Nursing, faculty, nursing students, nursing education, curriculum development, and Duke University Hospital. Materials range in date from 1930 to 2008.
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Leslie Benjamin Hohman Papers, 1945-1970

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Leslie Benjamin Hohman (1891-1972) was a professor of psychiatry at the Duke University School of Medicine from 1946 until 1960, later serving as professor emeritus. He also held the position of director of the Child Guidance Clinic in Durham, North Carolina from 1946 to 1953; maintained time in private practice in psychiatry; and acted as consultant to the Department of Psychiatry, Veterans Administration, United States Army, and United States Navy. This collection contains personal and professional correspondence Hohman related to his time as a professor of psychiatry at Duke University. Major subjects include Duke University Medical Center, the Duke Department of Psychiatry, psychiatric practice, and people with disabilities. Materials range in date from 1945 to 1970.
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Elizabeth Reeves Collection, 1913-1988

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Deputy Head of the Division of Environmental Stress, Naval Medical Research Center, United States; member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.
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Department of Ophthalmology Records, 1940-2014

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The Department of Ophthalmology, established in 1965, began in 1930 as a division within the Department of Surgery. Divisions of the department include Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Cornea Service, Glaucoma, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Oculoplastics, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Research Division, and Vitreoretinal Service. This collection contains publications, administrative and departmental records, reprints by faculty and staff, research files and materials, alumni files, grant information, photographs, slides, negatives, audiovisual materials, and public relations materials. The materials date from 1940 to 2014. Materials range in date from 1940 to 2014.

Division of Allied Health Education Records, 1956-1983

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The Division of Allied Health Education of the Duke University School of Medicine was formed to represent the interests of health-related educational programs, including the Pathology Assistant, Physician's Associate, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nurse Anesthesiology, and Radiologic Technology programs. Deans of Medical and Allied Health Education included Thomas D. Kinney and Ewald W. Busse. Types of materials include reports, correspondence, bulletins, budgets, meeting minutes, grant materials, reports, programs, agendas, pamphlets, newsletters, curriculum vitae, photographs, and evaluations Materials range in date from 1966 to 1983.

Medical Center Engineering and Operations Records, 1927-1996

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Contains specifications and construction documents used to guide planning and construction of buildings of the Duke University Medical Center. Building plans and site plans were created by or retained by Duke University Medical Center, Engineering and Operations department. Major subjects in this collection include history of Duke University Medical Center buildings and Duke Hospital. Materials range in date from 1927 to 1996.

David C. Sabiston Papers, 1887-2015

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Contains the personal and professional papers of David C. Sabiston Jr. (1924-2009), surgeon and chair of the Department of Surgery at Duke University from 1964 to 1994. Types of materials include personal and professional correspondence, memorabilia, scrapbooks, correspondence, clippings, printed materials, DVDs, CDs, floppy disks, VHS cassettes, certificates, research materials, committee minutes, reports, manuscript and illustration materials, reports, departmental lectures, presentations and talks, budgets, evaluations, administrative documents, planning documents, notes, photographs, slides, audiotapes, gowns, hoods, robes, and digital surrogates of plaques and awards. Major correspondents include Del Stickel, Donald Silver, J. Leonard Goldner, James F. Glenn, Will Camp Sealy, Samuel A. Wells Jr., and Kenneth Pickrell. Materials range in date from 1887 to 2015, with the bulk starting in 1920.
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Writings by Sabiston, 1978, undated

Elbert L. Persons Papers, 1923-1970

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Contains the professional and a small amount of personal papers of Elbert Lapsley Persons (1904-1970), Professor of Medicine and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Duke University. Types of materials include professional and personal correspondence, grant materials, records pertaining to Persons' time with the 65th General Hospital, Duke Medicine, and the ACP, as well as administrative records, guides, brochures, programs, schedules, information on Duke Medicine's Annual Medical Symposium, meeting materials, schedules, notes, photographic materials, a small amount of personal papers, speeches, writings, and contracts. Materials range in date from 1923 to 1970.

Montrose Moses Papers, 1962-1987

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Contains the professional papers of Montrose J. Moses (1919-1911), professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Duke University Medical Center. Types of materials include correspondence, notes, brochures, minutes, agendas, proposals, reports, grant materials, personnel rosters, surveys, evaluations, clippings, slides, writings by Moses, photographs, programs, bulletins, architectural plans, and course materials, which includes grade sheets, lecture materials, schedules, laboratory guides, student rosters, and composites. These materials pertain to various departments at Duke University Medical Center. Major subjects include the reorganization of basic sciences within the School of Medicine, the Department of Anatomy, personnel policy, Duke's genetics program, and plans for the modular interdisciplinary laboratory. Materials date from 1965 to 1984.

Robert B. Jennings Papers, 1966-2010

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Robert B. Jennings, MD (1926- ) was a Professor of Pathology at Duke from 1975 to 2003. He joined Duke faculty in 1975 as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology, and remained in that position until 1989. His area of research was focused on ischemic heart disease. While at Duke, Jennings was appointed James B. Duke Professor of Pathology in 1980 and was made Professor Emeritus upon his retirement in 2003. Types of materials include Jennings' travel files, papers, lectures, and personal and professional correspondence. Materials range in date from 1966 to 2010.
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Thomas D. Kinney Papers, circa 1945-1996

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Contains the professional papers of Thomas DeArman Kinney (1909-1977), chair of the Duke University Department of Pathology (1960-1975) and associate provost (1973-1974). Types of material include correspondence, newsletters, planning materials, budgets, announcements, reports, minutes, speeches, brochures, and reprints. Major subjects include Duke University School of Medicine, administration, Duke University Medical Center, Department of Medicine, Department of Pathology, curriculum development, undergraduate and graduate medical education, and elective systems in medical colleges. Materials date from circa 1945 to 1996.

Duke Poison Control Center Records, 1951-1987

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Contains materials pertaining to the clinical and educational activities of the Poison Control Center at Duke University, established in 1954 and headed by Jay Arena and later Shirley K. Osterhout. The Poison Control Center provided information to individuals and businesses about the product safety and chronic and acute management of poisoning through referrals, correspondence, and educational speakers. Types of materials include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, memoranda, articles, patient summaries, tests, discussion notes, informational materials relating to poisons and drug interactions, phone logs, pamphlets, brochures, budgets, and copies of newspaper clippings. Major subjects include the Duke University Medical Center, Poison Control Centers, poisoning in children, accidental poisoning, prevention and treatment of poisoning, Jay Arena, and Shirley K. Osterhout. Materials range in date from 1951 to 1987.

North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program Records, 1973-1990

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The North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program began in 1972 to establish statewide community training for health professionals and to reverse a trend toward shortages and uneven distribution of primary care physicians in the state's rural areas. Contains correspondence, reports, minutes, transcripts, newspaper articles, budgets, informational directories, and directories pertaining to the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program and the Duke-Fayetteville Area Education Center (now the Southern Region). Major correspondents include Ewald W. Busse, William G. Anlyan, and Thomas E. Frothingham. Materials range in date from 1973 to 1990.

Josiah C. Trent Papers, 1930-1961

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Contains professional papers of Josiah C. Trent (1914-1948), associate professor of surgery and chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Duke. Materials include correspondence, patient files, and subject files pertaining to Dr. Trent's professional life. Most of the correspondence chronicles Trent's involvement with various professional organizations and his acquaintance with prominent figures in various fields: medical history--John Fulton, Henry Sigerist, and W. W. Francis; the history of Duke University--Wilburt C. Davison, Lenox D. Baker; the history of the development of library administration--Thomas Keys and Bertha Hallam. The bulk of the materials were removed from Trent's medical office upon his death and has relatively few items that pertain to his personal life. Items of a more personal nature are located with the James H. and Mary D. B. T. Semans Family Papers in Duke University's Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library. Materials date from 1930 to 1961.
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Davison Society Records, 1961-2023

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The Davison Society is composed of the entire student body of the Duke University School of Medicine. The Davison Council is the student government organization for the Duke University Medical School. The Council consists of individuals both elected and appointed to handle matters as they pertain to the entire medical school. This collection primarily contains records from the Davison Society's Davison Council, the Student American Medical Association (SAMA), and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). The majority of the records are from the 1970s and many deal with issues such as the Vietnam War, abortion, marijuana, women in medicine, and curriculum changes. Types of materials include meeting minutes and agendas, policies, membership lists, correspondence, articles, reference files, event flyers, reports, photographs, and digital files. Materials are arranged chronologically and range in date from 1961 to 2023.
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Medical Center Library Records, 1932-2023

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The Medical Center Library serves the Duke University Medical Center's academic, professional, research, teaching, and patient communities. The Library was conceived in the late 1920s and early 1930s by Wilburt C. Davison and early staff of the Duke University School of Medicine. This collection contains records of the Medical Center Library at Duke University. Materials were created by library directors or administrators and professional library staff. Types of materials include correspondence, reports, grants, articles, meeting minutes, job ads, proposals, meeting agendas, subject files, photographs, building blueprints, policies, publications, library statistics, manuals, Annual Snapshots, and digital files. Materials range in date from 1932 to 2023.

Henry Kamin Papers, 1940-1988, bulk 1960-1988

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Contains the professional papers of Henry Kamin, biochemist at Duke University Medical Center. Types of materials include correspondence, reports, committee materials, clippings, short writings, photographs, and memorabilia. Major subjects include Duke University, Medical Center, School of Medicine, and nutrition policy in the United States, flavins and flavoproteins, and metabolism. Materials range in date from 1940 to 1988 (bulk 1960-1988).

Yancey Culton Oral History Interview, 2006-2006

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Dr. Yancey Culton Jr. (1927-2017) was the chair of the Department of OB/GYN at Watts Hospital, the last medical staff president of Watts Hospital (1975-1976), and the first medical staff president of the Durham Regional Hospital (1976-2000). This collection contains 1 oral history interview. The interview was conducted on December 28, 2006 by Jessica Roseberry. In this interview, Culton discusses his time at Watts Hospital and later the Durham Regional Hospital. In particular, he discusses obstetrics and gynecology at both hospitals and the field in general. He also discusses the medical staff at Durham Regional Hospital, as well as its functions as a community hospital.
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Yancey Culton Oral History Interview, 2006-2006 1 interview (2 master CDs and 2 use CDs)

Physician Assistant Program Records, 1964-2021

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the administrative records of the Physician Assistant (PA) Program at the Duke University Medical Center, as well as the papers of the following program administrators: D. Robert Howard, John James McQueary, Reginald D. Carter, and Patricia (Pat) M. Dieter. Types of materials include correspondence, minutes, handbooks, grant materials, certificates, newsletters, budgets, reports, proceedings, subject files, publications, awards, photographs, audiotapes, memorabilia, clippings, announcements, memoranda, reprints, seminar flyers, original comic strip artwork, plaques, scrapbooks, oral history tapes and transcripts, computer disks, magnetic cards, videos, slides, and digital files. Major organizations include the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the Academy of Physician Assistant Programs, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants, and the Eugene A. Stead Society. Major subjects include establishment of the PA profession, PA programs, PA history, admissions processes, curricula, PA education, accreditation standards, students, PA utilization and employment, certification of PAs, public and professional acceptance of PAs, third party Medicare Reimbursement, continuing medical education, area health education centers, and PA legislation. Materials range in date from 1964 to 2021.