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Department of Arts & Health at Duke Records, 1939-2014

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Contains the collected materials of the Department of Arts & Health at Duke, a department established in 1978 to promote the role of the arts and humanities in healthcare at Duke Hospital. Types of materials include administrative files, grant reports, subject files, research project files, articles, publications, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, video tapes, audio cassette tapes, exhibit material, exhibit budgets, artwork, artifacts, personal gift requests and records, performance programs, notes, correspondence, and administrative materials. Major subjects include arts and healthcare as a discipline, cultural arts programming undertaken at Duke Hospital, funding and grant sources, and the "Duke Employee Shows." Materials range in date from 1939 to 2014.

Department of Pediatrics Records, 1930-2014

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Duke School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics was founded in 1927 by Wilburt C. Davison, MD, the first dean of the medical school. He also served as the first Department of Pediatrics chair (1927 to 1954). Other chairs include Jerome Harris, MD; Samuel L. Katz, MD; Michael M. Frank, MD; Joseph St. Geme, MD; and Ann M. Reed, MD. The collection documents the Department of Pediatrics with information about the department, Duke Children's Hospital, and affiliated clinics. Types of materials include departmental administrative files, financial information, planning and development materials, Duke Children's Hospital blueprints, meeting and committee materials, research files, printed materials, correspondence, reports and manuals, a small amount of audiovisual materials, grant and award information, and a list of Pediatrics House Staff. Materials date from 1930 to 2014.

George L. Maddox Papers, 1950-2010

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Contains the professional papers of George L. Maddox (1925-2012), a professor of sociology and former director of the Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development. Types of materials include reprinted articles, correspondence, lectures, notes, books, course materials, meeting minutes, grant materials, research, clippings, reports, presentations, reviews, agendas, promotional materials, scheduled reports, work plans, site visit records, program proposals, staffing records, evaluative and screening materials, editorial files, charters and by-laws, policies and guidelines, policy recommendations, publications, photographs, and digital records. Special topics include the Community Partnerships for Older Adults, the Long Term Care Resources Program, and research conducted by Senior Fellows at the Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development under Maddox's directorship. Materials range in date from 1950 to 2010.

Ralph Snyderman (Personal) Papers, 1899, 1968-2006

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Dr. Ralph Snyderman, MD, is Chancellor Emeritus of Duke University, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine, and Director of the Duke Center for Research on Personalized Health Care. Contains the collected papers of Snyderman. Materials document Snyderman's professional appointments at both Duke University and Genentech, Inc., a biomedical technology firm in San Francisco, California. The papers consist of publications, manuscript materials, research materials, collected publications and citations, presentations and related correspondence, travel files, Genentech, Inc. research and administrative materials, subject files, business records from Snyderman's role as Duke's Chancellor for Health Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) committee and working group files, and papers from other committees and professional organizations of which Snyderman was a member. Major subjects in this collection include Snyderman's research in inflammation, immunology, and rheumatology; health care reform; medical administration and the role of the academic health center; and integrative and prospective medicine. Materials range in date from 1899 to 2006 with the bulk of the materials dating from 1968 to 2006.

Frederic Moir Hanes Papers, 1909-1967

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Contains the personal and professional papers of Frederic Moir Hanes (1883-1946), pathologist, neurologist, and chair of the Department of Medicine at Duke University. Types of materials include correspondence, reprints, writings, budgets, minutes, scrapbooks, and memoranda. Major subjects include the Hanes Fund, Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Pathology, Department of Medicine, study and teaching of medicine in North Carolina, physicians, pathology, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Materials range in date from 1909 to 1967.
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Stuart M. Sessoms Records, 1952-1980

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Contains the working files of Stuart M. Sessoms (1921-1997), Director of Duke Hospital (1968-1976). Types of materials include memorandums, correspondence, legal cases, annual reports, minutes, grant applications, theses, brochures, draft legislation, diagrams, charts, forms, contracts, and a photograph. Major subjects include the Duke Hospital, Duke Hospital departments, clinics, business and finance, Duke University School of Medicine, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sea Level Hospital, Lincoln Hospital, Highland Hospital, the VA Hospital, Methodist Church Hospital and Homes, Hillhaven Convalescent Center, and State agencies and boards. Materials range in date from 1952 to 1980.

Office of Creative Services and Marketing Communications Records, 1970-2022

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The Office of Creative Services and Marketing Communications works with clients across Duke University Health System to create communication media such as publications, Web sites, ad campaigns, banners, and holiday cards. The office publishes annual reports, long range plans, and other works that document the history of the Health System, including "INSIDE Duke Medicine." The office also assists in creating presentations for various personnel matters. Materials in this collection includes photographs, negatives, and contact sheets taken for publication purposes, including for the publication "INSIDE Duke Medicine." Other materials include promotional flyers, brochures, posters, annual reports, long range plans, handbooks, buttons, pins, and other materials intended for an internal audience. The collection also contains the binders and files of Marsha Green, the former manager of internal communications and assistant director of communications and editor of "INSIDE Duke Medicine," materials including correspondence, clippings, handwritten notes, presentations, news releases, drafts, reports, handbooks, brochures, publications, and resumes. Also includes digital files. Digital files document Duke Health's response to COVID-19 and include images distributed to external news organizations and content from Duke Health's COVID-19 website ( including Duke Health Nursing and Duke Health Leadership virtual town halls. The digital files also document Moments to Movement (M2M), Duke Health's collective stand against systemic racism, injustice, and hate, panel series and associated virtual town halls. Materials date from 1970 to 2022.

Christian R. H. Raetz Laboratory Notebooks, 1968-2008

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Christian R. H. Raetz (1946-2011) was a former George Barth Geller Professor for Molecular Biology and chair of the Department of Biochemistry at Duke University Medical Center. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2006Contains laboratory notebooks and research materials of Dr. Christian R. H. Raetz from Harvard Medical School and books of former PhD and master's students from Duke University and University of Wisconsin. Major subjects include Duke University Department of Biochemistry and laboratory work. Materials range in date from 1968 to 2008.
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John D. York Papers, 1986-2012

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Dr. John D. York was a professor of biochemistry and pharmacology and cancer biology at Duke University Medical Center. He is also an invesigator for the non-profit medical research organization Howard Hughes Medical Institute. At Duke, York studied biology and enzyme regulation of inositol cellular signal transduction pathways, and the mechanisms of lithium action as it pertains to treatment of bipolar disorder. In 2012, he became the chair of Vanderbilt University's Dept. of Biochemistry.
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Glenn J. Jaffe Records, 1984-2014

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Glenn Jay Jaffe, MD, Robert Machemer MD Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology and Chief of the Division of Retinal Ophthalmology, is a retina specialist with an active basic and clinical research program. He is a vitreo-retinal surgeon and professor of ophthalmology at Duke University Eye Center. He is also the founder and Director of the OCT Reading Center at Duke. The bulk of this collection is comprised of laboratory notebooks, but it also includes slides, CDs, negatives, invoices, and research materials. The materials date from 1984 to 2014.

Marc G. Caron Papers, 1980-2005

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Marc G. Caron was a professor in the Department of Cell Biology at Duke University Medical Center, with secondary professorships in the Department of Neurobiology and Department of Medicine. His research involved the study of the mechanisms of action and regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters and how they might underlie brain and behavior disorders including schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorders, and addiction. The collection contains laboratory notebooks for students and colleagues who collaborated with Dr. Marc G. Caron on his clinical research conducted at Duke University Medical Center. Materials range in date from 1980 to 2005.
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Wolfgang K. Joklik Papers, 1945-2013

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This collection contains the collected materials which document the professional career of Wolfgang K. Joklik, Chair of the Duke Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (1968-1993) and co-founder of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center (1972). Materials include reprints; manuscript materials and publication correspondence; proceedings and correspondence relating to professional organizations of which Joklik was a member; programs and correspondence concerning professional talks, meetings, workshops, and symposia; employee files and recommendations; Duke University news publications; and subject files concerning the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. Major subjects include the National Academy of Science (NAS), the American Society of Virology, the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Cancer Special Program Advisory Committee, the American Society for Microbiology, and both the McGinnis Memorial and Joklik Lecture Series. Materials date from 1945 to 2013.
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Wolfgang K. Joklik Papers, 1945-2013 24 Linear Feet (16 cartons)

Richard S. Lyman Papers, 1927-1957

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Contains the professional papers of Richard Sherman Lyman (1891-1959), professor of neuropsychiatry at Duke University from 1941 to 1951. Types of materials include correspondence, subject files, memoranda, reports, budgets, course and teaching materials, and schedules. Major subjects include Duke Hospital, Duke University Medical Center, mental health agencies in North Carolina, mental health treatment, psychiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, nurse training programs, and treatment of soldiers and veterans of World War II. Materials range in date from 1927 to 1957.
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School of Nursing Records, 1930-2017

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Contains the administrative records of the School of Nursing, School of Nursing Alumni Association, and other nursing student associations. Types of materials include correspondence, minutes, certificates, newsletters, budgets, evaluations, reports, class records, proceedings, publications, awards, photographs, ephemera, memorabilia, printed materials, DVDs, CDs, and clippings. Major subjects include Duke University School of Nursing students and faculty, School of Nursing Alumni Association, Nursing Student Government Association, Nursing education, continuing education, nursing students, nursing societies, sororities, Sigma Theta Tau, Bessie Baker, Rachel Booth, Myrtle Irene Brown, Dorothy Brundage, Ann Jacobansky, Margaret Pinkerton, Florence K. Wilson, and Ruby L. Wilson. Materials range in date from 1930 to 2017.

Walter Kempner Papers and Records, circa 1930-2016

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Contains professional records pertaining to Walter Kempner's (1903-1997) Rice Diet and related work for Duke University. Kempner began working at Duke's School of Medicine in the Department of Medicine in 1934 and was interested in the effect of diet on various diseases including hypertension and diabetes, which developed into the Rice Diet. The collection also contains business records from the Walter Kemper Foundation. Types of materials include medical records, newsletters, correspondence, clippings, budgets, logbooks, membership materials, and minutes. Major subjects include reducing diets, cell physiology, obesity, and Duke University Medical Center. Materials range in date from circa 1930 to 2016.
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Zaven S. Khachaturian Oral History Interview, 1985-1985

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Zaven Khachaturian served as an associate director for the Neuroscience & Neuropsychology of Aging Program at the National Institution on Aging (NIA), as well as the director of the Office at Alzheimer's Disease Research. This collection contains 1 oral history interview. The interview was conducted on November 4, 1985 by Dr. James Gifford. In this interview, Khachaturian discusses a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant for Alzheimer's disease research that was awarded to the Duke University Medical Center. He also discusses the general history of Alzheimer's disease research at the NIA and the NIH, as well as efforts to raise awareness of the disease on the national level.
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Zaven S. Khachaturian Oral History Interview, 1985-1985 1 interview (1 audio cassette tape and 1 transcript)

Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1979

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Contains the personal and professional papers of Wilburt Cornell Davison (1897-1972), pediatrician, chair of pediatrics, and first dean of Duke University School of Medicine (1927-1960). Types of materials include correspondence, subject files, memorabilia, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, programs, budgets, reports, deeds, poems, manuscript materials, creative writings, genealogical materials, article reprints, diplomas, and certificates and invitations. Oversized diplomas and certificates have been separated from this collection. Major correspondents include George G. Allen, Atala Davison, Jay M. Arena, F. Vernon Altvater, Bessie Baker, William B. Bell, William Preston Few, Wiley D. Forbus, Frederic Moir Hanes, Elizabeth Hanes, Julian Deryl Hart, Sir William Osler, Talmage Peele, Wilder Penfield, Watson S. Rankin, Josiah Trent, and Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans. Major groups and associations in the collection include Alpha Omega Alpha, American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Lincoln Hospital, Rockefeller Foundation, and Society for Pediatric Research. Major subjects in this collection include pediatrics, medical education, Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University faculty and students, Duke Hospital, and Private Diagnostic Clinic. Materials date from 1881 to 1972.

Joseph E. Markee Records, 1930-1972

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the professional records of Dr. Joseph E. Markee, former chair of the Dept. of Anatomy at Duke University.
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Duke Immune Profiling Core Laboratory Notebooks, 2004-2023

Abstract Or Scope
The Duke Immune Profiling Core (DIPC) is a Duke School of Medicine and Duke Cancer Center Institute Service Center whose academic home resides in the Department of Surgery. Their overarching mission, "To identify immunologic signatures that predict clinical outcomes," is comprised two components: Service and Discovery. Collection contains laboratory notebooks. Materials date from 2004 to 2023.

Frank Libman Engel Papers, 1934-1990

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Contains the personal and professional papers of Frank Libman Engel (1913-1963), chair of the Division of Endocrinology at Duke University School of Medicine from 1960 to 1963. Types of materials include personal and professional correspondence, grant materials, articles, photographs, reports, lectures, notes, yearbooks, and clippings. Materials range in date from 1934 to 1990.