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Alfred Blalock Papers, 1899-1985

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Alfred Blalock (1899-1964), surgeon-in-chief of the John Hopkins Hospital, professor, and director of the surgery department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (1941-1964), was one of two physicians who developed the "blue baby" operation and treatments for surgical shock. Collection contains correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, scrapbooks, tributes, committee materials, biographical materials, and reprints. Major subjects include Johns Hopkins Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, medical education, tetralogy of fallot surgery (blue baby syndrome), and surgery. Materials date from 1899 to 1985.
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Scrapbooks, 1899-1964

Alfred Blalock Papers, 1899-1985 39 Linear Feet (26 cartons, 1 flat box folder)

Ralph Snyderman (Chancellor) Records, 1899-2015

Abstract Or Scope
Dr. Ralph Snyderman, MD, is Chancellor Emeritus of Duke University, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine, and Director of the Duke Center for Research on Personalized Health Care. Contains administrative records created by Snyderman during his tenure as Chancellor for Health Affairs and President and CEO of Duke University Health System (1989-2004). Types of materials include minutes, agendas, reports, committee materials, chronological files, and videotapes. Major subjects include Duke University Medical Center, Duke University Health System, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and administration. Materials date from 1899 to 2015.
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Ralph Snyderman (Chancellor) Records, 1899-2015

Helen Kaiser Papers, 1903-2005

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Helen Kaiser (1900-1988), was a professor and the first Director of Physical Therapy at Duke. She was also an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), serving as President of APTA from 1938 to 1940 and member of the Board of Directors from 1926 to 1930 and 1940 to 1946. This collection contains professional writings produced and collected by Kaiser over the course of her career and course materials compiled during Kaiser's time as a Professor of Physical Therapy at Duke. Other materials include correspondence, booklets, pamphlets, articles, committee and meeting minutes, reports, course descriptions and evaluations, floorplans, blueprints, grant files, photographic materials, and a scrapbook pertaining to Kaiser's time as the Director of Physical Therapy at Duke, as well as her personal life. Materials range in date from 1903 to 2005, with the bulk of the material dating from 1912 to 1988.
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Records, 1903-2005

Helen Kaiser Papers, 1903-2005 4 Linear Feet (2 cartons and 2 flat boxes) and 1 scrapbook

Bruce W. Dixon Papers, 1906-2013

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Contains the personal papers of Bruce Wayne Dixon (1939-2013), former Duke Internal Medicine chief resident, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine professor, head of the Allegheny County Health Department, and community health expert. Types of materials include photographs, memorials and tributes, articles, a silver bowl awarded to Dixon at Duke for teaching excellence, and other types of materials documenting his career in medicine. Materials date from 1906 to 2013.
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Personal Papers, 1906-2013

Bruce W. Dixon Papers, 1906-2013 1.25 Linear Feet (1 half box, 1 flat box, 1 card box)

Highland Hospital Records, 1906-1981

Abstract Or Scope
Highland Hospital was a premiere residential psychiatric hospital located in Asheville, North Carolina, owned and operated by Duke University from 1944 to 1980. The bulk of the collection contains records pertaining to the acquisition, administration, expansion of the hospital in the mid-twentieth century, and the sale of the facility in 1980. This includes agreements, annual reports, architectural plans, appraisals, audits, brochures, budgets, clippings, correspondence, data on lawsuits resulting from fire and accident, deeds, fiscal reports, insurance papers, minutes, monthly statements, newsletters, photographs, programs, publications, reports, as well as sale and lease papers. Major subjects in this collection include A. S. Brower, Robert S. Carroll, R. Charman Carroll, and the Duke University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Also includes a small amount of notebooks with nursing lecture notes. The materials date from 1906 to 1981 with the majority of the records including the period between 1939 to 1957 and 1978 to 1980.
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Administrative Records, 1906-1978

Watts Hospital Records, 1909-1940

Abstract Or Scope
Watts Hospital, located in Durham, North Carolina, was the city's first hospital. It was funded by George W. Watts and opened in 1895 as a private 22-bed, modern hospital, dedicated to the care of Durham's white citizens. African American citizens were cared for at Lincoln Hospital, which opened in 1901. By 1909, Watts Hospital's 22-bed facility was too small for a fast growing Durham, and a newer facility was built on 25 acres at the intersection of Club Boulevard and Board Street. This is where the hospital remained until it closed in 1976 when it merged with Lincoln Hospital when Durham County General Hospital (now Duke Regional Hospital) opened. The grounds and buildings of the hospital's 1909 campus were converted into the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, which opened in 1980. Types of materials hospital ledgers documenting births and expenses. Materials date from 1909 to 1940.
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Ledgers, 1909-1940

Watts Hospital Records, 1909-1940 0.5 Linear Feet (1 flat box)

Frederic Moir Hanes Papers, 1909-1967

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the personal and professional papers of Frederic Moir Hanes (1883-1946), pathologist, neurologist, and chair of the Department of Medicine at Duke University. Types of materials include correspondence, reprints, writings, budgets, minutes, scrapbooks, and memoranda. Major subjects include the Hanes Fund, Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Pathology, Department of Medicine, study and teaching of medicine in North Carolina, physicians, pathology, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Materials range in date from 1909 to 1967.
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Writings, 1909-1943

Frederic Moir Hanes Papers, 1909-1967 4.5 Linear Feet (3 cartons)

Eleanor B. Easley Papers, 1910-2004

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the personal and professional papers of Dr. Eleanor Beamer Easley, MD (1907-1998), a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology who practiced in Durham, North Carolina. Easley was the first female graduate of Duke University School of Medicine's first four-year class. In 1941, Easley helped co-found the Durham Women's Clinic. Types of materials include notes from talks and presentations, writings, meeting minutes, agendas, articles, reports, photographs, correspondence, memberships, degrees, awards, and clippings. Major subjects include Durham, North Carolina; nursing; obstetrics and gynecology; women physicians; women's health; and Watts Hospital. Materials range in date from 1910 to 2004.
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Personal/Biographical, 1910-2004

Eleanor B. Easley Papers, 1910-2004 2 Linear Feet (2 manuscript boxes, 2 flat boxes)

Roger Denio Baker Papers, 1912-1993

Abstract Or Scope
Contains the professional and personal papers of Roger Denio Baker (1902-1994), an original faculty member at the Duke University School of Medicine and professor of pathology. Types of materials include journals, diaries, day planners, manuscripts, drafts, reprints, correspondence, photographs, notes, bound volumes, lab notebooks, brochures, clippings, certificates, correspondence, newsletters, sketches, and programs pertaining to Baker's education, teaching, and research. Materials date from 1912 to 1993.
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Photographs, 1912-1972

Roger Denio Baker Papers, 1912-1993 18 Linear Feet (12 cartons)