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Watts School of Nursing Records, 1975-2013

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Watts School of Nursing (SON), formerly Watts Hospital Training School for Nurses, is North Carolina's oldest nursing school, established by George W. Watts in 1895. In 2019, Watts SON became Watts College of Nursing and their long-standing diploma program transitioned to a baccalaureate program in January 2020. Types of materials include nursing student composites, photographs of Watts Hospital, and a certificate. Materials date from 1975 to 2013.
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Records, 1975-2013

Cultural Services Program Records, 1977-1997

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Contains records pertaining to the teleconferencing and closed circuit television system at Duke University Medical Center, particularly the patient channel, which broadcast educational programming. The records appear to have originated from the office of Janice Palmer, former director of the Cultural Services Program and include proposals from Tom Hurtgen and Gene Miller. Materials range in date from 1977 to 1997.
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Records, 1977-1997

Duke Health Sector Conference Records, 1977-2006

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Duke Health Sector Conferences (formerly known as The Private Sector Conferences) are a series of healthcare-related conferences hosted by Duke University Medical Center and Health System. Types of materials include proceedings, photographs, correspondence, notes, agendas, participant lists, and audio recordings. Major subjects include hospital planning and construction, health insurance, health economics, Duke Hospital, and the Duke University Medical Center. Materials range in date from 1977 to 2006.
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Records, 1977-2006

Medical Center Transfusion Committee, 1979-2002

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Duke University Medical Center's Transfusion Committee is responsible for ensuring the following of best practices and patient safety during blood utilization and transfusions. The Department of Anesthesiology in particular has played a key role in its operations. Contains correspondence and minutes for meetings related to the operation of the Medical Center's Transfusion Committee. Materials range in date from 1979 to 2002.
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Records, 1979-2002

Division of Cardiology Records, 1952-2016

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Duke's Division of Cardiology, part of the Department of Medicine, is among one of the largest programs in the United States. Notable members of the division include Dr. Edward Orgain, Dr. Henry D. McIntosh, Dr. Andrew G. Wallace, and Dr. Joseph C. Greenfield. This collection contains subject files, newsletters, financial information, correspondence, meeting minutes, conference materials, agendas, study and research reports, writings, publications, programs, notes, presentations, personal accounts, proposals, questionnaires, interviews, lists, audiovisual materials, and photographic materials concerning the Division of Cardiology, particularly its departmental organizations, training fellows program, and the Duke Heart Center. Major subjects include the Duke Heart Center Board of Advisors, the Duke Cardiovascular Fellow's Society, the Duke University Cooperative Cardiovascular Society, and Dr. Joseph C. Greenfield's book on the history of the Cardiology Training Fellows program. Materials range in date from 1952 to 2016.
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Records, 1980-2003

Roger E. McLendon Papers, 1981-1993

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Contains the professional papers of Roger E. McLendon (1957-), Professor of Pathology and Director of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center Tissue Bank at Duke University Medical Center. Types of materials include correspondence, reports, case files, CVs, manuscript materials, drafts, reprints, handwritten notes, abstracts, and programs, pertaining to his career at Duke. Materials date from 1981 to 1993.
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Records, 1981-1993

Department of Neurobiology Records, 1981-2001

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The Department of Neurobiology was established in 1988. This collection contains handbooks, correspondence, curriculum brochures, meeting minutes, program proposals, curriculum vitae, portraits, and a committee report. Materials range in date from 1981 to 2001.
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Records, 1981-2001

Office of Grants and Contracts Records, 1984-1993

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Contains the administrative files of the Office of Grants and Contracts within the Office of Research Administration at the Duke University School of Medicine. Types of materials include reports, research grants for the Department of Surgery, and budgets. Materials range in date from 1984 to 1993.
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Records, 1984-1993

Vicki Y. Saito Records, 1983-2006

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Contains administrative records created or managed by the office of Vicki Y. Saito, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications in the Office of the Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University Medical Center from 1992 to the mid-2000s. Types of materials include memoranda, committee minutes, reports, reprints, programs, CVs, correspondence, presentation materials, VHS tapes, and DVDs. Records pertain to medical center affairs and include materials of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Visitors, Operations and Clinical Operations reports, Department of Medicine, Duke University Health System, and Campus and Corporate Communicators meetings. Major subjects include Duke University Medical Center, Duke Hospital, and community-institutional relations. Materials range in date from 1984 to 2006.
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Records, 1984-2000

Comprehensive Cancer Center Pharmaceutical Research Services Records, 1985-2004

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Pharmaceutical Research Services, part of Duke's Comprehensive Cancer Center, consists of an Investigational Chemotherapy Service and a Cancer Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory and provides a broad range of services to support the conduct of clinical hematology/oncology research. Types of materials include laboratory notebooks, data, correspondence, clinical trials materials, and research materials from both academic and clinical research. Materials were created by academic and clinical research staff members from the following departments: Department of Medicine, Department of Pathology, and Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. Materials range in date from 1985 to 2004.
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Records, 1985-2004