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Duke University. Medical Center. Archives.
These subject files were primarily created by Duke News Service from the 1930s until around the early 1980s. Duke News Service also maintained a biographical clippings file documenting activities of Duke University Medical Center individuals. This collection contains clippings, notes, brochures, speeches, notes, booklets, and ephemera pertaining to departments, divisions, groups, activities, events, and public relations materials of Duke University Medical Center. Major subjects include Duke University faculty, the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, Duke University Medical Center, and Duke Hospital. Materials date from 1920 to 2022.
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Scope and content:

Contains files of clippings, notes, brochures, curriculum vitae, speeches, booklets, and ephemera pertaining to departments, divisions, groups, activities, events, and public relations materials associated with Duke University Medical Center. Materials date from 1920 to 2022.

Biographical / historical:

The concept for Duke Medicine began in the mid-1920s during the final years of life of James Buchanan Duke. An extremely talented businessman, Duke built his fortunes in the tobacco and textile industries. In 1924, he used $40 million to establish the Duke Endowment and directed that $6 million be used to transform Trinity College into Duke University. The next year, upon his death, he made an additional bequest to the Endowment and the University, including $4 million to establish a medical school, hospital, and nurses home. One of Duke's primary motivations in establishing the Endowment and Duke School of Medicine was the improvement of health care in the Carolinas, a relatively poor region of the country at that time, lacking in physicians, hospitals, and medical schools. Duke's bold dream was to create what he hoped would become the best medical institution between Baltimore and New Orleans. Indeed, less than four years after the new school and hospital opened in 1930, an accreditation committee of the American Medical Association placed Duke among the top 20 schools in the country. Several dedicated educators, administrators, and researchers established the foundations for current successes during the Medical Center's formative years. Forty-six original faculty of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Services (includes teaching and clinical positions within the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Duke Hospital) were appointed between February 10, 1929 and January 3, 1931, except for Wilburt C. Davison, first dean of the School of Medicine. Davison was appointed January 21, 1927.

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Accession A1976.0057 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0061 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.062 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0068 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0084 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0085 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0086 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0087 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0088 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0089 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.090 (Transferred, 1976), Accession A1976.0094 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0167 (Acquired, 1976), Accession A1976.0031 (Transferred, 1977), Accession A2003.044 (Transferred, June 2003), Accession A2005.060 (Gift, November 2005), Accession A2006.052 (Gift, June 2006), Accession A2007.085 (Acquired, October 2007), Accession A2009.041 (Gift, August 2009), Accession A2010.051 (Gift, September 2010), Accession A2011.034 (Transferred, April 2011), Accession A2011.071 (Transferred, August 2011), Accession A2012.024 (Acquired, March 2012), Accession A2013.013 (Transferred, February 2013), Accession A2013.017 (Transferred, March 2013), Accession A2013.029 (Gift, May 2013), Accession A2013.057 (Transferred, September 2013), Accession A2014.015 (Gift by Dianne Johnson, June 2014), Accession A2015.040 (Gift by Randy Stevens, October 2015), Accession A2016.044 (Transferred by Patricia Thibodeau, September 2016), Accession A2016.058 (transferred by Patricia Thibodeau, December 2016), Accession A2017.012 (transferred by Patricia Thibodeau, February 2017), Accession A2017.017 (gift by Virginia Carden, April 2017), Accession A2017.033 (acquired by Rebecca Williams, August 2017), Accession A2018.022 (gift by Lowell Joerg), Accession A2018.072 (transferred by Megan von Isenburg, September 2018), Accession A2018.077 (transferred by Russell Koonts, October 2018), Accession A2018.093 (transferred by Brenda Rimmer, December 2018), transferred by Rebecca Williams (Accession A2018.094, December 2018), Accession A2019.011 (transferred by Megan von Isenburg, February 2019), Accession A2019.051 (transferred, June 2019), Accession A2020.002 (transferred by Rebecca Williams, January 2020), Accession A2021.055 (transferred by Megan von Isenburg, July 2021), Accession A2022.057 (transferred by Jill Jenkins, August 2022)
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Processed by Jessica Roseberry: April 2006; encoded by Emily Glenn: May 2006; updated by Dawne Howard Lucas: February 2008, May 2008, October 2008, November 2008, December 2008, March 2009, May 2009, August 2009, October 2009, November 2009, December 2009, February 2010, March 2010, April 2010, March 2013, July 2013, August 2013; updated by Lucy Waldrop, September 2016, December 2016, February 2017, April 2017, August 2017, May 2018, September 2018, October 2018, December 2018, February 2019, June 2019, January 2020, July 2021, August 2022

Files are arranged alphabetically by topic.
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For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Duke University Medical Center Library's online catalog.
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Copyright for Official University records is held by Duke University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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