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William Henry Muller Oral History Interview, June 28, 2005 1 interview (2 master and 2 use audiocassette tapes)

William Henry Muller, Jr., attended Duke University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins University and was the head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Virginia from 1954 to 1976. This collection contains 1 oral history interview conducted on June 28, 2005 by Jessica Roseberry. In this interview, Muller discusses his background, education, medical career, and his recollections about student life during his time as a medical student at Duke.

Includes 1 oral history interview with Dr. William Henry Muller conducted on June 28, 2005 by Jessica Roseberry.

In this interview, Muller discusses his background; education; father's interest in Duke; coming to Duke University Medical School; Mrs. Elizabeth Swett; the approximate size of the medical school student body; recollections of professors at Duke Medical School: Dr. Duncan Hetherington, Dr. Talmage Peele, Dr. D.T. Smith, Dr. William Alexander Perlzwieg, Dr, Ivan Brown, Dr. George Eadie; medical student Alfred Gras becoming ill and being treated with penicillin; obtaining penicillin; registration forms from Duke convincing a roadblock officer that he was not a German officer; friends from medical school; substituting in surgery as junior and senior student; courses; rounding; Dr. Deryl Hart and others in Department of Surgery; Duke's relationship with Johns Hopkins; seeing President William Preston Few carried through the hospital after death; Dr. Wilburt Davison; Dr. William Anlyan; Dr. Ewald Busse; Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans and Dr. Joseph Trent; the syphilis clinic at Duke; anatomy class; pathology class; a memorable patient at Duke; the death of Robert Randolph Jones by shooting; the effect of war on the medical school; social aspects of student life; other professors at Duke University Medical School; returning to Duke in various capacities; changes in Duke campus over time since his medical school days; Dr. Douglas Knight and Dr. Terry Sanford; his proposal to the board of trustees to accept the Nixon Library at Duke University; his own service on the board of trustees at Duke; meeting Elizabeth Dole and other celebrities through service on the board of trustees; Dr. David Sabiston; influence of his education at Duke on his later life; the increase in the number of females in medical schools; classmate Raymond Rammage; the large amount of surgical patients as a medical student at Duke; his internship at Johns Hopkins; the length of the residency program at Duke and at Hopkins; physical aspects of Durham at the time; and the relationship with town doctors.